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Nextsky - SkyERP

Nextsky Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SkyERP software is vendors touting strong financial, accounting, and even retail ERP software solutions and systems. It is different, offering the only ERP software solution built from the ground..

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InsysPay HRMS

Innova Systems (India) Pvt Ltd

InSysPay Payroll and HRMS Software helps you to manage all the required Payroll and HRMS process for small/ medium/ larger sized company follow. 

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CAMS Exact Services Management Solution

Computer Aided Management Services (India) Pvt Ltd

Due to the immense support of our team of experts, we are known to deliver the finest quality of Services Management Solutions to the clients. We offer user-friendly services to the clients, and our t..

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Shadow is a Complete Software Solution For Educational Institute, Many of the institution is managing their Administration, Academics, Data & Reports and much more. Shadow provides module lik..

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UnitySuite HRMS


UnitySuite HR management tools increase efficiency, save time, reduce errors and eliminate redundant effort. Explore fresh, intuitive, web-based solutions for end-to-end time tracking and employe..

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GetTrek - Online Time Attendance System


GetTrek- TimePro is an innovative web based application for attendance solution. We integrate any time attendance bio-metric machine.

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Easy HR

Street Light Software Pvt Ltd

Easy HR is a simple, intuitive and beautiful way to manage the Human Capital of an Organization. It provides employee records, leaves, expenses, travel, and attendance making it very easy to manage.

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Spine Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

SPINE BMS has every feature one would ever need to manage a Pharmaceutical company efficiently. SPINE BMS is highly user friendly, available as SAAS over the cloud, easy to customize and meets al..

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Wondersoft Pte Ltd.

WhoIsIn is a web-based biometric attendance tracking system, focused on tracking the attendance and employee movement, especially for businesses with multiple offices. It provides you complete visibil..

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M-Squared Software & Services P Ltd

ScanGard is a comprehensive access control and attendance tracking system. It has been designed to cater to the security and administrative requirements of any organization, despite its size or f..


Attendance Management Software

The main aim of the Attendance Management is to ensure the presence of the employees in the work setting so that the loss due to downtime can be reduced. The process has changed over the course of time and the techniques have only gone stronger and stricter. It is traditionally done with the help of timesheets, time clocks and in addition to that tracking software in present time.

In a working environment, best attendance management software motivates the employees to be on time and keep up with the deadlines. It maximizes the employee attendance. The importance of attendance can be realized by the fact that companies are now even using real-time location trackers to ensure that their employees are at their working station during the office time.

Apart from companies, attendance management systems are used in schools, colleges, hospitals and other locations as well. In educational institutes, it is very important for the students to keep up with the classes so that they do not stay behind in lectures. Attendance management helps in streamlining the student’s attendance and thus the overall performance of the class.

What is Attendance Management Software?

In any organization, attendance management is a crucial parameter to measure the productivity of an employee. It gives the management a clear view on how seriously a particular employee is taking his job. Same goes for the students and teachers in schools and colleges. In modern day fast and aggressive office environment, the companies need a fool proof and automated attendance software that can track the moves of the employee from the beginning or the day to the end of the office hours.

Time management and attendance management software have removed the requirement of manual or paper-based tracking. The time tracking software can automate the whole process with minimal supervision. The attendance management software should be able to track every move of the employee in real-time. When he enters the office, which project is he working now, what is the progress and when he leaves the office? In general terms, the software should be able to do the following tasks:

For an attendance management software, the user interface is as much important as the usability. It should not be difficult in understanding and the management should be able to control the inflow and outflow of the information from the software.

Which companies can use the attendance management software?

The size of the company is not something that should matter here. Good attendance and time management help every company in growing as per its full potential. The attendance management software ensures the presence of the employees in the office on time and makes it possible for the higher authorities to track every employee’s progress in real-time.

The best attendance management software also helps in issuing special incentives as well as warnings to the employees based on their performance. It does not mean that the availability of such software plants a thought of fear in the mind of the employees. On the contrary, a good time and attendance management system encourage the employees to give their best for the office. Overall, the benefits will become visible for both employees and company owners.

Attendance management software is crucial for the startup and small scale industries as well. Every man hour these companies lose can play a vital role in the future of the company. So irrespective of the size of the organization, you can easily find one or more software which will suit your requirements in the best possible way.

Functions of Attendance management software

The attendance software has become one of the most crucial parts of any organization. It keeps track of the activities of every employee and helps in improving the productivity. Company with a good productivity and time management will surely get better cash flow with minimal wastage of time and resources.

An attendance management system can generate all type of work related record within seconds during the auditing. It keeps track of the employee’s routine, assignments, deadline management, leaves and overtime under a single roof. An efficient attendance management system is scalable and can adjust the functionality according to the size of the organization. The following features or functions are essential in good attendance software.

Attendance management:

As the name suggests, it manages the attendance of the employees in any organization. There are two different kinds of logging options available. First is manual in which the receptionist or the employee enters the information manually by logging into the interface. Second is the automated where companies use card keys and RFID cards to track the attendance and other features.

Leave management:

The user interface of the software provides complete information about the leave allotted to the employee. He can check how many leaves were allotted and how many he has already used. Apart from that the software also keeps the track of the requests made to the administration about the time-off. The user can check if the request has been approved or not with a couple of clicks.

Overtime calculation:

In any organization, over time is also a very important part. If the organization pays well for the overtime, most of the employees will choose to go for it every once in a while. The time tracking software can keep a track of the overtime allotted to the employee and will record every hour he is spending after office hours. In some organizations, the employees can work for additional hours without the approval of the management. In such companies, the benefits will be calculated automatically based on the hours the employees have spent as overtime.

Reporting and compliance:

When a software company launches attendance management software, it makes sure that the system complies with the labor laws of the particular country or state where it can be used. Most of the software companies develop the software to work properly in different countries which help them in expanding their roots. Such software helps the organizations in keeping track of any violation of the labor law and rectifies it in time. It can also generate simple reports related to the same.

Benefits of using attendance management software

Cost saving:

The best attendance management software can put an end to the proxy punching, wrong time reporting, time abuse and overpayment. The companies that use automated attendance management system save a lot of money by tracking all the moves of the employees during work hours.

Improve accuracy:

When you manually handle attendance data in at any scale, the chances of human error are always there to haunt you in the future. The automated system gives precise information about the attendance and improves the accuracy of the reporting mechanism.

Save time:

Administration often spends a lot of time in tracking the attendance and workflow. However, with the help of the software the management can spend more time on productive aspects of the decision making and project handling.

Ensure enforcement of policies

: All companies have policies related to time and attendance. These policies come into action when there is lower attendance or mismanagement of time. The legal aspect of these policies gets good support from attendance management software as it shows every detail of the employee’s performance in real-time.

The flexibility of working arrangements:

In any organization, it is very important to track the arrangements which administration and workforce has. The automated time tracking software can also allow companies to let the employees work from different locations. It not only saves space but also helps the company in increasing the manpower without the need of extra resources. The working hours of the employees can be tracked via computer login, smartphone, desktop readers or biometric terminal based on the location.

Buyer’s guide for attendance management software


First of all you have to make sure that the system you are going to use is compatible with the existing work environment. Consult with the software company and check reviews of the software before making any purchase. Make sure that the features you want to have are there in particular software.


: There is some software in the market which is meant for a limited workforce. It is always better to go for a system which does not require a lot of up gradation when you decide to expand.

The usability:

When it comes to complex software like attendance management, it is very important to have an understandable user interface so that the administration does not have to spend a lot of time in understanding its functions.


: It is one of the most crucial aspects of your future purchase of the software. The budget of the company often decides which attendance software to buy but you also have to keep in mind that in future the software should not bring an additional cost to the company.

Training and after sale support:

Always make sure to buy the software that provides after-sale support and training as well. It is better to understand the functionality by a trainer instead of learning it from the manual. The software companies also provide support for the hardware installation in many cases. It will be better to have a one-stop solution for all your needs.