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Workday Inc

Workday was founded on a disruptive idea: to put people at the center of enterprise software. Now, over a decade later, we still deliver on that idea every day. In 2005, Aneel Bhusri and Dave Duffield..

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Keka HR Payroll Platform


Keka is an employee experience platform. The only HR & Payroll software that is employee centric. Unlike traditional HR systems, we are a modern new generation platform focused on user experience and ..

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Keka HR Payroll Platform


Keka is an employee experience platform. The only HR & Payroll software that is employee centric. Unlike traditional HR systems, we are a modern new generation platform focused on user experience ..

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Accord e-HR

Intelliob Technologies Pvt Ltd

Intelliob Accord e-HR is a revolutionary HRMS system that promises to take the pain out of HR Management, Accord HRIS solution has been designed with a view to integrate all HR related functions right..

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Ideafarm Technology Pvt. Ltd.

It is a complete web-based HRIS tool. PromptHR would make a significant difference to the way organizations work. Small, medium, large business, or an entrepreneur PromptHR is always ready to hel..

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Ideafarm Technology Pvt. Ltd.

It is a complete web-based HRIS tool. PromptHR would make a significant difference to the way organizations work. Small, medium, large business, or an entrepreneur PromptHR is always ready to hel..


Performance Management Software

As the name suggests, a performance management system is a software solution that helps a company to analyse, track and evaluate its employee’s performance. Managers can use these systems in a myriad of ways, such as rewarding the top performers in the organization for their contribution, aligning their employees’ goals with the company objectives, and for providing feedback to the employees who did not perform as per the expectations so that their performance can be improved.

There are many other vital tasks that a performance management software can carry out in the organization while assisting the managers in multiple ways. If you want to explore that how a performance management system can help you augment the overall productivity in your organization, here is a deep insight about the functions, features and benefits of the performance evaluation software solutions.

What is a Performance Management Software?

The performance of the employees in an organization is one of the most underlying aspects that impact the overall productivity and ROI of the firm. If the employees perform well, then productivity increases and if their goals are not aligned to the organizational objectives, it becomes difficult for the company to maintain viability. Thus, it's vital to evaluate the performance of the employees on a regular basis to ensure that they are working efficiently.

While in a small scale firm, it is easier for a manager to personally supervise and overlook the employees, but as the number of employees increase in the organization, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a check on each employee. Thus, one of the best ways to measure the performance of employees in a large firm is by evaluating that how far they have succeeded in achieving their set goals.

A performance evaluation and management system performs the aforementioned tasks with great ease and efficiency, whilst delivering measurable results including increased overall productivity. In fact, the best performance management system goes beyond the management of performance, and help in improving it. These systems track the activities of the employees, assess their performance, provide them valuable feedback and support the growth of the business in a plethora of ways.

Which Companies Should Use A Performance Management System?

Well, companies of all sizes and belonging from all industry verticals can use the performance management systems, but such software solutions are particularly helpful for the firms which employ over 20 employees.

The mid-sized companies and large enterprises must deploy a performance management system in order to ensure that its employees are performing well and are progressing towards their goals with the right pace.

Functions Performed by Performance Management Systems?

A performance management system performs a plethora of functions in an organization to help enhance the overall performance and productivity. Here are the major tasks performed by these software solutions:

Periodical Performance Evaluation

The primary task of the performance management system to evaluate the performance of the employees periodically. Tracking and evaluating the performance becomes a part of the everyday working experience with this software, and managers can track whether te employees are moving ahead in the right direction or not.

With the introduction of regular check-ins about the ongoing projects, managers can get a better sense of the completed work and any potential challenges regarding meeting the upcoming deadlines.

Robust Performance Reviews

These software provide robust performance reviews, and help the managers to check that the performance of the employees is aligned to their goals or not. The ultimate aim of each employee is to accomplish the individual goals set for them, and these software help in evaluating the performance from the perspective of the set objectives.

Generating Feedback

These software solutions provide detailed feedback about the employee’s performance, which can be quite helpful for employees to understand that they are lacking in which areas. As per a recent research conducted on the employee behaviour in the workplace, it has been concluded that about 43% of the workers seek weekly feedbacks. Thus, it has become more important than ever for he organizations to deploy the software that aid efficient performance evaluation.

Flexible Goal Management

The best performance management system allows the managers to set the goals for the employees efficiently, keep the goals of every employee aligned with the organizational objectives, perform ongoing goal reviews and keep the business on track with the flexible goal management.

Complete Visibility

The performance management software facilitate a wide array of reports, generated on a regular basis to provide complete visibility to the managers about what’s happening across the organization, right from the performance ratings to the training needs and completion rates to the deadline evaluations.

Features of Performance Management Systems

The major features of the performance management systems which make them an ideal software solution to be deployed in the organization subsume:

· These software systems excel in conducting and capturing the performance inputs, subjective descriptions and providing objective feedback.

· These systems are equipped with the User Interfaces for clearly exhibiting the parameters for evaluating performance, performance objectives, rating scales and much more.

· The performance management systems are mobile compatible and support multiple browsers.

· These systems are highly interactive, and employees can easily track their own performance in order to understand the areas where they are lacking.

· By facilitating the inputs from employees, reviewer, and managers, these systems allow the data compilation from the different participants in the overall review process.

· These systems facilitate real time feedback and highlight the training needs for the specific employees

· Automated reports are generated by the performance management systems regarding employee performance, goal accomplishment, and training & development needs.

· A regular collection of data regarding the employees' performance and behaviour can be used for deriving useful insights using the analytics tools. These insights, can then be used for improving the overall productivity in the organization.

Why Should You Deploy A Performance Management System In Your Organization

There re a plethora of reasons which signify that why should you invest in a performance management software for your organization. These include:

· While performance evaluation is the primary task performed by the performance management system, but there are many other vital tasks that it also carries out that make it a wise investment. By monitoring the performance of employees, it can easily evaluate that which employees need training in which areas.

· It can be very difficult for a manager to supervise the performance of each employee all the time, but a performance management software keeps an eye on each employee’s performance and provides real time feedback to the managers. Thus, any employee heading towards the wrong direction can be stopped, and it can save a lot of valuable time.

· Each project is important for the company, and the performance management systems can help in analysing whether the work that is being done on a project will ensure its completion within the deadline or not. This information can prove quite useful for the firm.

· Feedbacks are vital for improving the employee’s performance and skills, and an automated performance evaluation system is very helpful in generating accurate feedbacks for employees, which can be used to enhance the overall productivity of employees and the organization as well.

Buyer’s Guide for Performance Management System

When you have finally decided to buy a performance management system, you need to consider a few points which are vital from the purchase perspective in order to ensure that you buy an ideal system as per your needs.

Easy To Use

The performance management system which you buy should be easy to use not only for managers but for the employees as well. It should offer an easy access to employees so that they can themselves evaluate their performance, set their goals and review their productivity.


Each performance management system should possess a concise and well-structured dashboard from where the system’s all functionalities and features can be easily accessed. Before you invest in a performance management software, ensure that its dashboard is easy to use, easy to customise and the shortcut to all its functionalities is there.


This is one of the most vital points. The performance evaluation system which you buy for your organization must be compatible with all the other software systems that are currently deployed in the organization.

It Should be Able To Draw From A Wide Array of Inputs

Your performance management system should be able to draw data from different inputs and should be capable of integrating the stats from diverse systems in order to accurately evaluate an employee’s performance.


While cost is not the sole decisive factor, but its significance cannot be overlooked. It's important the new performance management system which you deploy fits in your budget, and your organization does not overspends on it.


Look for a vendor who is ready to give a live demo of the system so that you can easily evaluate the its effectiveness with respect to your requirements.

Post Deployment Support

Post implementation support is very critical, as you never know when the system encounters an error. So, there should be support available from the vendor or a third party round the clock so that you can leverage the uninterrupted services from your performance management system.