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Infocube Technologies

Officetimer is currently used by hundreds of customers worldwide in effectively managing the needs in terms of employee time-offs, timesheet management, expense reimbursement, project expenses trackin..

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Bennett Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Designed and developed by team of domain experts from Bennett Technologies, Mentis redefines the HRIS industry. The architecture of Mentis is very carefully crafted in a way that it is highly scalable..

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Salespatron is a sales presentation and client engagement application allowing salespeople to store all their sales collaterals in one place and share them as trackable links with their prospects. Bas..

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Time Reckon

Farsight IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Time Reckon is an enterprise class web-based solution for time records processing with use of any Industry standard SmartCard or Biometric terminals across the company which also includes remote locat..


Recruitment Management System

A recruitment management system comprises of a suite of functionalities and applications designed to automatically identify, shortlist, screen and evaluate the candidates for a job. Beyond the functionalities that help in screening and interviewing candidates, the recruitment management software can be used to generate the reports and other vital analytics for assessing the effectiveness of the recruitment campaigns.

The best recruitment software are capable of managing and tracking the interactions with the employment agencies and the job boards, alongside tracking the recruiter activities, imperative HR related information and employee retention rates. Overall, using a recruitment management software can help your organization save time in recruiting the new employees, conduct efficacious search in the job pools for the best matches and reduce the overhead associated with the entire recruitment & the orientation process for the HR professionals. However, if you are still sceptical about how the recruitment software can help your organization, and whether you should invest in one of these software solutions or not, then the following guide will give you a deep insight about the diverse aspects related to the top recruiting software.

What is a Recruitment Software?

The process of recruitment is a quite comprehensive, as it involves a lot of steps ranging from advertising the job to the selection of the final candidates for it. While it is the responsibility of the HR department to advertise the job vacancies, conduct the interviews and make it easier for the firm to hire the right talent. But, owing to the rising complexity in finding the most apt candidates and conducting the interview processes, many companies are increasingly using different types of recruitment management software, which simplify the entire recruitment & selection process.

A recruitment management software is equipped with the functionalities that enable it to conduct exhaustive research in the job boards, online candidate databases, etc. to find out the best candidates suitable for the job. The recruitment software also assists in my other aspects of recruitment, make it easier for the HR professionals to find the ideal candidates for the job in much lesser time.

Typically, the recruitment management software are integrated into the enterprise information management systems. But, there a lot of vendors who offer standalone software solutions for aiding the recruitment process, and these solutions offer a broad array of functionalities which not only help in recruiting the right candidates, but also in retaining the talent in the organization and finding flaws in the overall recruitment process.

Recruitment Management Software Features

The best recruitment software boasts a broad range of features that make them one of the best software to be deployed in the firms. Some of the most prominent of these features is:

· Ability to advertise and distribute the job postings to multiple online job banks, social media and corporate job advertisement sites.

· Receive and screen the online job application forms, with the ability to the key data such as name, age, skill set and the experience of the candidates from the submitted CVs.

· Facilitate the standardised templates for creating detailed job descriptions

· Managing and coordinating with the third party recruitment agencies and recruiters

· The ability to segregate, store and categorise the job applications on the basis of diverse parameters

· The ability to send bulk emails regarding the job openings to the best candidates, employment agencies, job boards, qualified individuals, and the other third party agencies.

· Enable applicant tracking, job tracking and interview management services

· Receive and track the recommendations and referrals from the employees, other third parties, and the associated companies.

· Ability to conduct background checking including the credit reports

· Ability to generate employment contracts for the selected candidates

· Ability to generate different types of recruitment related reports and conduct analysis while facilitating the vital insights.

· Ability to perform applicant tracking and back office functions

Recruitment Management Software Functions

A recruitment management software can deliver the following services flawlessly without consuming a lot of time and resources.

Automation and Streamlining of the Recruitment Process

By providing the features including finding the right candidates, advertising the jobs on the job boards, generating contracts and performing background checks on the candidates, the top recruiting software streamline and automate the recruitment process.

Online Candidate Search

Today, almost every job seeking candidate posts his/her resume on at least one online job boards. The recruiting software can screen the resumes stored in the online job banks and shortlist the candidates on the basis of different parameters set for conducting research. HR managers an set these parameters or keywords to ensure that the recruiting software finds the right candidates.

Reports Generation

When the recruitment process is going on in an organization, all the stakeholders want to be constantly updated about the current status of the recruitment process. These software are capable of generating reports and informatory messages to keep everyone informed without requiring to compose the emails with the manual data input.

Job Openings Creation and Submission

With standardised job description templates, these software make it easier for the HR professionals to create the job opening advertisements and submit those automatically until all the intended online platforms.

Flawless Record Creation

The best recruitment software is capable of creating categorised and easily accessible candidate records while eliminating all the possibilities of the duplicate record creation. This software ensures that there are no errors or inconsistencies in the candidates' records while enabling efficacious applicant tracking.

Post Selection Services

Once a candidate is selected for the job, the recruitment management system transfers all the employment data collected during the interview process to the internal payroll and HR systems of the company.

Why Use a Recruitment Management System?

There was a time when advertising the job vacancies and attracting the right candidates was much easier. Perhaps, due to the absence of the internet, the people used to hire talent from restricted geographical areas. But, now the scenario has changed completely. Today, companies use complex processes for attracting the applicants, to review the job applications, schedule interviews, carry out the background checks and generate the employment contracts.

Also, the people who seek jobs only use the online job postings and job sites to find an ideal job for them. At the same time, the social media has also started a significant role in helping people find the right jobs and employers find the right candidates. Not only LinkedIN, but many other social networking platforms are increasingly used.

The mobility is also increasing exponentially, and thus people easily carry out job searches, receive job alerts, apply online, obtain the application status, find out company information and interact with the recruiters or the potential candidates. In such scenario, carrying out manual recruitment process is by difficult. One needs to analyse heaps of data to find the right candidates an apt information. Moreover, the competition in the businesses is becoming so stiff that every organization is struggling to get the best and most seasoned candidates that can help it grow. Thus, it's essential to use a recruitment management system that can facilitate the candidate search and support the entire recruitment process while making it less time consuming, less complex and less costly.

Buyer’s Guide for Recruitment Management System

As you now know about the benefits, features and functionalities of the recruitment management software, so, you might now decide to deploy one such software in your company if you have not done that before. Thus, the following are some vital points which you must consider before purchasing a recruitment management system.


While you must always purchase a recruitment management system which fits in your current needs, but, you must al ensure that is scalable, and can later can be adapted to the changed needs of your company.

Standardized Content

As the recruitment management system has to deal with the candidate data, it should be able to identify the different ways of writing the same information, and must be able to store the content in the standardised form. For instance,the date can be written by different candidates in different ways, but the software must be able to store the given information in a standard format.

Ease of Use

Any software system which is complex to use may not be able to deliver the optimum set of benefits. So,when you are planning to buy a recruitment management system, ensure that it's easy to use, deploy and maintain.


Ensure that your recruitment management system is compatible with all the other software solutions which you are using in the organization, is able to seamlessly communicate with the different support systems while they are deployed.

Post Deployment Support

The vendor from whom you are planning to buy your recruitment management system must provide post deployment support an user training to your staff in order to help you make the best use of all the features of the software.

Make it Easy for the Job Applicant to Apply for the Job

The system should be easy to use for the job applicants as well. An overly difficult online job application process may put off the candidates and they may not fill up the entire application. So, you may lose a good candidate only because I was difficult to complete the job application process online.