Cancel an E-Way Bill After 10 Days

How to Cancel an E-Way Bill After 10 Days?

Team HPS January 10, 2024

In the intricate realm of Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance in India, there are instances where businesses may need to cancel an E-Way Bill beyond the initial 10-day window. Understanding the process of cancelling E-Way Bills after this specific timeframe is crucial for maintaining compliance and efficiency in the transportation of goods. This blog serves as a comprehensive guide, providing step-by-step instructions for Indian businesses to cancel E-Way Bills after 10 days.

When is E-Way Bill Cancellation After 10 Days Necessary?

  • Change in Transportation Plans: If there is a shift in the transportation plans or the need to modify consignment details after the initial 10 days, cancellation becomes necessary.
  • Goods Not Transported: When goods initially intended for transportation are not moved within the specified timeframe, cancelling the E-Way Bill helps avoid discrepancies.
  • Cancellation Within Overall Validity Period: The cancellation request must be made within the overall validity period of the E-Way Bill.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Cancel an E-Way Bill After 10 Days

1. Log in to the E-Way Bill Portal: Visit the official E-Way Bill portal ( and log in using your credentials.

2. Navigate to ‘E-Waybill’ Section: Once logged in, navigate to the ‘E-Waybill’ section on the dashboard.

3. Select ‘Cancel E-Way Bill’: Under the ‘E-Waybill’ section, find and click on the ‘Cancel E-Way Bill’ option.

4. Enter E-Way Bill Number: Enter the E-Way Bill number that needs to be canceled and click on ‘Go.’

5. Verify Details: Verify the details associated with the E-Way Bill number to ensure accuracy.

6. Provide Cancellation Reason: Select the reason for cancelling the E-Way Bill from the available options. It’s essential to provide a valid and clear reason.

7. Submit Cancellation Request: After entering the cancellation reason, submit the request for cancelling the E-Way Bill.

8. Receive Confirmation: Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the E-Way Bill cancellation request has been initiated.

Common Reasons for E-Way Bill Cancellation After 10 Days:

  • Change in Delivery Address: If there’s a change in the delivery address after the initial 10 days, cancellation may be necessary.
  • Incorrect Details: In case of errors in the entered details, cancelling the E-Way Bill allows for the correction of information.
  • Goods Unfit for Transportation: If the goods initially intended for transportation become unfit or unavailable, cancelling the E-Way Bill becomes necessary.

Important Points to Note:

  • Validity Period: E-Way Bills can be cancelled within the overall validity period. After the validity expires, cancellation may not be possible.
  • Prompt Cancellation: It’s advisable to initiate the cancellation process promptly after realizing the need, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Communication with Stakeholders: In case the E-Way Bill has been shared with transporters or other stakeholders, communication about the cancellation is essential.

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