How to Change Vehicle Number in E-Way Bill

How to Change Vehicle Number in E-Way Bill?

Team HPS January 10, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance in India, businesses often encounter scenarios where the need to change vehicle numbers in an E-Way Bill arises. Whether due to logistical changes or unforeseen circumstances, understanding the process of updating vehicle numbers is crucial for maintaining compliance and ensuring a smooth transportation experience. This blog serves as a comprehensive guide, providing step-by-step instructions for Indian businesses on how to change vehicle numbers in the E-Way Bill.

When is it Necessary to Change Vehicle Numbers in an E-Way Bill?

  • Change in Mode of Transportation: If there’s a shift in the mode of transportation, such as a change from one vehicle to another, updating the vehicle number is necessary.
  • Vehicle Breakdown or Replacement: In case of a breakdown or replacement of the originally assigned vehicle, businesses need to update the E-Way Bill with the new vehicle number.
  • Correction of Errors: If there are errors or discrepancies in the originally entered vehicle number, businesses should promptly rectify and update the information.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change Vehicle Number in E-Way Bill

1. Log in to the E-Way Bill Portal: Visit the official E-Way Bill portal ( and log in using your credentials.

2. Navigate to ‘Update Vehicle Number’: Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Update Vehicle Number’ section on the dashboard.

3. Enter E-Way Bill Number: Enter the E-Way Bill number for which you need to update the vehicle number and click on ‘Go.’

4. Choose ‘Change Vehicle Number’: Select the ‘Change Vehicle Number’ option to initiate the update process.

5. Enter New Vehicle Number: Input the new and correct vehicle number in the provided field.

6. Verify Details: Verify the E-Way Bill details along with the newly entered vehicle number to ensure accuracy.

7. Submit Update Request: After confirming the accuracy of the entered information, submit the request to update the vehicle number.

8. Receive Confirmation: Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the E-Way Bill update request has been initiated.

Common Scenarios Requiring Vehicle Number Updates:

  • Interchange of Vehicles: When goods are transferred from one vehicle to another during transit, updating the E-Way Bill with the new vehicle number is essential.
  • Vehicle Maintenance or Repair: In the case of a breakdown or scheduled maintenance, businesses may need to update the E-Way Bill with an alternative vehicle number.

Important Points to Note:

  • Timely Updates: It’s advisable to update the E-Way Bill with the new vehicle number promptly to avoid discrepancies.
  • Validity Period: Ensure that the update is made within the overall validity period of the E-Way Bill.
  • Communication with Stakeholders: In case the E-Way Bill has been shared with transporters or other stakeholders, communication about the vehicle number update is essential.

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